What is lip Tattoo

  1. A cosmetic Tattoo is one of the best alternatives to everyday makeup, which takes a lot of time for a woman.
  2. Wherever you are, on vacation, at sea, in a sauna or a swimming pool, permanent makeup will not “spread” and need constant adjustment.
  3. The tattoo allows you to: remove asymmetry, change the colour, shape of the eyebrows, correct blurry or pale natural lip blushing, add visual volume to the lips, size and, of course, colour, make the look more expressive; visually thicken the eyelashes.
  4. Tattooing and art tattoos are great ways to cover up scars.
  5. If you are allergic to cosmetics, then there is no need to use them. Your face will be pretty bright and expressive anyway.

About Cosmetic Tattoo | Permanent Makeup

From time immemorial, women have tried to improve their appearance, successfully highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages of facial skin. Cosmetic brands of our great-grandmothers were coal, zinc white and beet juice. The modern industry offers a vast range of beauty products, which, for all its undeniable advantages, have a significant drawback: you constantly need to care about makeup, but you want to be beautiful always and everywhere – a sunny day on a white sandy beach, with friends in the sauna, in the soft light of restaurant lights, after a gentle kiss if you think about whether mascara and how to make up lips in such moments of life, you can easily miss a bird of luck and female happiness.

Modern technologies of Microblading make it possible to emphasize the natural lines of the face, create an attractive, bright image, correct minor defects successfully, make a woman beautiful and desirable. A cosmetic Tattoo is a procedure that softly corrects the natural lines of lips, eyebrows and eyelids. As a result, a simple tattoo is created on the skin, which remains for two to three years. A permanent tattoo allows to hide minor defects of skin, gives a correct form and natural colour to facial components. It is an indispensable option for modern businesswomen, whose natural beauty is often the key to financial success. The pace of life does not allow them to be distracted by permanent makeup correction. In addition, there are several predominantly female professions where cosmetic makeup is not welcome – doctors, psychologists, teachers. In these cases, permanent makeup is a unique opportunity to look always a hundred per cent, keeping well-groomed and emphasizing the attractiveness of the facial features.

The basis of the permanent makeup procedure is dotty implantation of pigment in the upper layer of the epidermis. The longevity of the effect is because there are layers of epidermis from above, which prevent the pigment from rubbing off. For carrying out procedures, Cosmetic Tattooing using special devices and disposable sterile materials, hypoallergenic pigments to ensure protection from infections and allergies. Modern devices are characterized by a stable fixed course of the needle. This allows applying the paint at the same level. Because the blood vessels, nerve endings and receptors are located in the skin a little bit lower than the epidermis and dermis. The permanent makeup procedure is carried out almost painlessly thanks to modern anesthetics.

Eyebrow Tattoo

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo makeup is trendy among visitors of cosmetic salons – this simple procedure can take from half an hour to an hour and a half. The natural consequence of reasonably long exposure to a small skin area is a slight swelling and redness, which passes within 2-7 days (depending on the area). For a more significant staining effect, it is sometimes recommended to repeat the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing in a few weeks.

Lip Tattoo

Fashionable puffiness and a precise contour make a woman’s lips beautiful and alluring. To achieve this effect is not necessary to go to a surgeon or use silicone. A unique gentle alternative to these procedures is a cosmetic lip tattoo. Micropigmentation technology allows you to give volume, change or correct the natural shape of the lips, change their colour, making them brighter and more attractive. Cosmetic lip tattooing is applying a thin line of pigment along the contour of the lips and soft shading over their entire surface. The line, leaving the contours, can visually enhance the lips. It is also possible to create the effect of natural colour or, conversely – the applied makeup.

Eyeliner Tattoo

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo emphasizes the edge of the eyelid with eyelashes, making them look mysterious and expressive. The different thickness of the lines on the lower and upper eyelids, the use of inter eyelash space technique make the permanent eye tattoo look natural on any face and with a different cut of eyes.

Unfortunately, not all women are endowed by nature with bright features, expressive and alluring eyes. In addition, for some eye diseases, wearing contact lenses, daily makeup is simply impossible. To solve these problems and was invented cosmetic eye makeup was, which lasts a very long time and does not wash out. Cosmetic eyeliner  (eyelash, lash line tattoo) exists in several versions: creating the effect of thick lashes (filling the space between the lashes with pigment), eyeliner, holding the “arrow”. This line runs along the eye contour and beyond the outer edge. Thanks to this makeup, you can do without daytime makeup. A few bright extra touches of shadow and mascara can make evening makeup unique and mysterious.


The main advantages of the permanent makeup procedure can be seen with the naked eye. Permanent makeup in Moscow offers many beauty salons. Do not forget that a prerequisite for a successful tattoo of eyebrows, eyes and lips is the perfect contour and uniform application of paint. Do tattooing, especially on the face, can only be a specially trained master. Tattooing in Moscow gives you an undeniable advantage: waking up in the morning, a woman looks like a queen, tattooed lips, eyebrows and eyes, and after a shower, pool, or sea bathing does not lose its attractiveness. If you dream about makeup that will never fail – make permanent makeup in Melbourne, and your favourite man will be happy to kiss your natural and beautiful lips (without lipstick)!



microblading eyebrows tattoo before and after treatments

Lip Tattoo

lip tattoo in blush technique

Feahering eyebrows

lip tattoo before and after

Eyebrow Tattoo

eyebrow tattooing before and after

Lip Blush Tattoo

Eyebrow feathering before and after

Eyebrow feathering before and after




When ordering the second and so on comsetic tattoo of the master (not related to the correction), there is an individual system of accumulating discounts:

– second service – 5% discount

– third service – 10% discount

– the fourth and fifth service – 15% discount

– the sixth service, etc. – 20% discount

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Expert of Eyebrow Tattoo

Microblading , Feathering Expert

Beauty and care face fan at, microblading lover and passionate about permanent urban makeup in east technique. Working to provide the best tattoo, so you don’t have to stress about it. “You should enjoy to choose various range of techniques , not worry about the details to get desire you beauty  brows.”

My work philosophy is simple: do it the way you would like to do it yourself. I carefully monitor the cleanliness and compliance with sanitary requirements. I use only quality, self-tested materials, equipment and supplies.


If you want beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows, lips, or eyelids, come in for a consultation. I will tell you and show you, find a common language and, I am sure, help you become even more beautiful.


Lip Tattoo Expert

Hello. I am Ashaley. Top master of permanent makeup in the studio “Cosmetic Tattoo Studio in Melbourne”. I work in the studio since the opening. Experience in PM for 4 + years.

I work for fun. I want to make the world more beautiful :-). Therefore I carefully work out each zone: the technique, the form, the shade. For me a perfect result is a cult. That is why I do everything possible to achieve it, starting from cleanliness and sterility, consumables and equipment to preparation for the procedure and its performance.


Make an appointment for a consultation, come to  “Cosmetic Tattoo Studio in Melbourne for a permanent make-up procedure. I am sure you will get what you want. And even better!

Eyeliner tattoo Expert Elena Samoylenko

Elena Samoylenko

Eyeliner Tattoo Expert

I am Elena. Master, coach and founder of the studio of permanent makeup and the school of tattooing “Cosmetic Tattoo Studio in Melbourne”. Shall we get acquainted? 

Before coming to the field of permanent makeup, from the age of 16, I was in the beauty industry: eyelash extensions, makeup. After that, I decided to evolve, to give beauty to those around me. And I realized that permanent makeup for me is not just a job. It’s my passion. I am a very conscientious and delicate person about permanent makeup. I never want to do it “just the way it is”. My goal is to achieve the natural,

 spectacular, happy eyes and happy smiles of my clients. That’s more expensive than any money. After five years of practice, I opened the school of tattooing. I successfully graduated with hundreds of masters, practising both in London and abroad: in Canada, the United States and even Asia. I am a demanding coach in training – I want to pass on complete knowledge and produce real professionals capable of high-quality work.


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“I’ve been getting cosmetic from Timothy for many years now. Initially I came to her with old unfortunate eyebrows to have them renewed. I was attracted by the fact that she was a professional makeup artist and could fix the shape and color of my eyebrows. Timothy persuaded me to remove them with a laser and make new ones…. I did not agree at once but now I can’t even imagine how I used to walk around with this horror on my face… Now I have great eyebrows which I am very happy with. The next step is to remove the arrows on the eyes, so instead of a floating tattoo, which I got from a bad handed master, it was possible to make a pretty little arrow. The process of permanent makeup removal is not the most pleasant procedure (especially on the eyes), so I recommend you not to risk your face, and immediately go to a professional. Thank you, Timothy!”

Megan  Lorem

Girls, if anyone else is thinking of doing eyebrows or not! So the answer is, yes, do! Your look 👀 will be expressive, and I say you will be even more beautiful from my own experience! 😉 And if you doubt and ask yourself a question about the quality of the procedure, about safety, about aesthetics and the shape of your eyebrows, about the choice of the master, then feel free to call and make an appointment with Ashley! A master from the heart, she will always make you feel at home, she will find topics for a heart-to-heart talk on any topic, she will give the right advice, and you’ll feel at home! 🏡

💄 Ashley is also a professional makeup lip tattoo artist, so you will be irresistible by choosing any treatment, girls!, thank you so much for your work and professionalism! I always admire people who do not stand still, but always learn new things, and most importantly, share this experience with others and create beauty! 😘 ❤️

Sinda Guthrie

Good afternoon!!! …I would also like to leave my review … I came to Elena by chance, but do not regret this “chance” for a second. A master who feels so subtly the desire of the client is a great specialist. And I was convinced of this. Sometimes we imagine one thing, explain another and can not explain what we would like to get from the procedure… Elena, without any difficulty, understands everything and takes the job. …Thank you, Elena, very much for your patience and work…When the client and the Master gets pleasure from the work and the result – it’s a class!!… And now I look at myself in the mirror and enjoy what I see… And I see a woman with beautifully expressive eyes and yummy lips, not a “gray mouse” … Thank you, Elena, a thousand times!!… Take care and be healthy!..!


Lynthia Henry

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